Cantharis is an aphrodisiac, which predisposes women to sex

Cantharis is an aphrodisiac, which predisposes women to sex. Spanish fly is not only women but also men, but are created to excite women. After a few minutes of use, there is a result and effect on the partner in sex. The sexual stimulant Spanish Fly Gold (cantharis) usbhid feelings for sex.

If you wanted to have sex with any woman and know that she wants to have sex with you, but worried. If you have problems to take the first step on the way to sex, or your partner, SPANISH GOLD FLY will do it for you. Make your partner, make her want to have sex at the moment, and was ready to do anything to get it! Spanish “Gold Fly” 5 ml. it is a strong aphrodisiac, relaxing and predraspolagatmi for sex. The product has effective action in both men and women, but is especially designed for women. Only 5 minutes after its use you will notice its unique action. The best effect when used with poorly-alcoholic beverages or bezalkoholna (but not soda).

Application method and dosage:

Packetdata open and pour the liquid ( not sodas) or directly in the mouth. In use, after about 10 minutes achieved the desired effect of great excitement. The effect was quick and strong excitement, feeling nezadovoljnom, sweating, severe agitation. Great desire of sex.After its use you will start to feel more at ease. Possible strong erections in men and slight redness and sweating in women – a sign of sexual arousal. You will want to have sex.